Non-Competitive Boxing Lessons at Fightkore MMA & Fitness

Boxing has been a great competitive sport for hundreds of years. Pure hand-to-hand combat is quite a feat to watch. However, if you don't feel the urge to get into the competitive game, you can still find a great workout regimen with our non-competitive boxing lessons.

Maybe you just want to box for the sheer fun of it. This sport can be very satisfying, after all. If your goal is fitness or just a good time, our non-competitive boxing lessons might be perfect for you. We want you to get the great cardio in for your improved workout.

These are designed with the goal of teaching you the basics and getting you into fighting shape. Amateur boxing is a popular means of staying in shape and meeting new people. This boxing coaching is even available for kids.

You can enroll in non-competitive boxing lessons by getting in touch with us at Fightkore MMA & Fitness in Martinez, CA. We'll be sure to get you the best workout you can find.


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